Doctor Phleboto

Bogleech’s syringe-headed doctor from his excellent interactive comic Awful Hospital.

when I came home and my tag had new stuff I thought it’d be more people telling me to drop dead but instead it was this great creepy drawing and I love the fingers you gave him as well as the more correct syringe I’m usually too lazy to depict

Oh, thank you! I just added the extra bits on his head as a bit of artistic license. I figured since the Noisy Tenant Hospital is full of old and obsolete junk (like everything else in the Noisy Tenant universe) a more “vintage” syringe would suit him well.

Plus it bugged me how you never draw the plunger inside his head, but then again it’d probably work just fine without one, seeing as how everything else in the Hospital tends to be a hollow shell that just works because it barely looks like something that should work.

Y’know, I really don’t understand all the “fuck white people/cisscum” attitudes floating around tumblr. I mean, it doesn’t really OFFEND me at all, don’t get me wrong, it just seems like a poor way to conduct yourself as a self proclaimed warrior of social justice. Yeah of course whites/straights/cisgenders may not be as oppressed as others by a longshot, but I don’t recall Martin Luther King, Jr. ever ending his speeches with “also, fuck white people”.

And I know a lot of people are going to say “it’s a joke! Of COURSE I don’t REALLY want all men to go die in a fire!” Yeah that’s all well and good, but maybe you should focus less on trying to one-up your online peers with who can come up with the wittiest post and more on, y’know, actual activism? Like, stuff that can actually make some tangible difference in reality? Jokes are funny, yeah, but you trying to be an activist or a clown?

Earlier today I was feeling hungry, and thought to myself “I’m so hungry I could eat a billion tacos”. Then I got to thinking: how much would a billion tacos be?

  • If I were to purchase, say, one billion Taco Bell .99-cent soft tacos, that would cost me $990,000,000 without tax.
  • Assuming a single taco weights about half a pound, my pile of tacos would weigh 250,000 tons.
  • Laid end-to-end they would stretch 7,891.41 miles (12,700 kilometers), almost enough to encircle the Earth.
  • If it took me two minutes to unwrap and eat one taco, it would take me over 3,800 years to finish them all if I did that and nothing else.
  • One soft taco contains 200 calories, meaning 1 billion tacos contains 200 billion calories. The average human needs about 2000 calories a day to survive, so I could feed one hundred million people for a day if I gave each of them 10 tacos.
  • Speaking of calories, 200 billion calories is about 836,800,000,000 joules of energy, over eight times the power of the Saturn V rocket launch (which was a mere 100,000,000,000 joules).

In conclusion: if I had a billion tacos, I could launch myself into space.

A drawing of my brother’s horse from one of his games in the tabletop RPG “Savage Worlds”. His character, being poor, had to settle for a cheap horse and ended up with an ugly, obese, easily-frightened one he simply named “Horse”. Near the end of his character’s life, Horse got branded by the Devil himself and was granted firey demon speed. He was still fat, ugly and cowardly though.

I don’t remember my dreams as well as I used to, but when I do they’re always extremely vivid and have a semi-cohesive plot. The only thing I don’t like about them is that they keep on ending just as they start to get really exciting. Let me share with you a dream I had last night:

I’ve heard so many “nice legs daisy dukes” parodies that I don’t know how they make a man go anymore

Pfft, women. Always peeling their flesh away to reveal a chitinous exoskeleton underneath am I right guys?


fletchinder asked:

I don't understand why Death's Head Roaches are called that, they look more like they have a lil :-] on them, they're more Smiley Face Roaches if you ask me, what scientist do I need to call to get this changed?



Sometimes it kind of has little fangs

But you never know, death could have a :-] face!

I knew you were treble when you walked in

Pay-Whatever Sketches!

Good happenings, people! Starting today and ending next July 30th, I will be doing Pay-Whatever Sketch Commissions! Just send me a PM detailed what you want me to sketch, name your price for it (as low as 25 cents), and I’ll draw it up! Just send me the money via PayPal at

The only limits are that it can contain no more than two individual characters and can only go up to an R-rating, so nothing extremely gorey or pornographic. If you’re unsure what qualifies, I’ll let you know.