I knew you were treble when you walked in

Pay-Whatever Sketches!

Good happenings, people! Starting today and ending next July 30th, I will be doing Pay-Whatever Sketch Commissions! Just send me a PM detailed what you want me to sketch, name your price for it (as low as 25 cents), and I’ll draw it up! Just send me the money via PayPal at omny87@yahoo.com.

The only limits are that it can contain no more than two individual characters and can only go up to an R-rating, so nothing extremely gorey or pornographic. If you’re unsure what qualifies, I’ll let you know.

Goatie farmgirl

She doesn’t take no guff from no-one.

Some re-designed versions of the Mane Six. Really enjoyed this, but I’m not particularly happy with how Rainbow Dash came out.

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Imagine if some giant, Lovecraftian monster was killing loads of humans not out of hunger, spite, or ignorance, but because it thinks humans are icky the same way most people think of bugs. 

And every time it slams one of its titanic, squamish tendrils upon another crowd of screaming humans, it gazes upon at the bloodied pulp smeared across its four-dimentional flesh, utters an incomprehensible “eeeeeeeeew” and desperately tries to wipe the mess off on a nearby building.

Y’know, I’m all for healthy eating choices and all, but it really pisses me off when I see people demonize otherwise harmless food additives. Seriously, any food can sound gross and terrifying if you try hard enough. For example:

Did you know that the deadly chemical known as SALT (also known by it’s longer, scarier chemical name “Sodium Chloride”) is comprised of an EXPLOSIVE METAL and a TOXIC GAS? And they’re putting it into YOUR CHILDREN’S FOOD! Don’t let your kids eat ANYTHING with salt or they will EXPLODE with AUTISTIC AIDS!

Y’know it always bugged me how the merpeople in “The Little Mermaid” despised humans because they ate fish. Well what the fuck do you guys eat then? I don’t see no Krusty Krab down there in Atlantis.

And speaking of crabs- Sebastian, we may eat fish, but who are you to judge others by their diet? You’re a bottom feeder. You literally eat shit.